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The Beatitudes:

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

Beaten down by life, drugs, and or alcohol, we have come to realize that we have no power whatsoever to manage or control our circumstances in life. We come to the realization that we need help from a Power greater than any we have. We then begin to look for an alternative Power.

Some people unfortunately decide to believe in a god or power of there own conception instead of accepting the one true God that has always existed. We decide who or what God is by simply inventing or creating imagined ideas about God with out any real seeking, studying, or meditation on the subject of God. We just assemble muddled ideas in our head we have heard over the years about God with out any real study or seeking of God. We do not seek out the one true God who is the only true power in existence, but we seek or create a god that is acceptable to our way of living or ideas we have decided that is true. We failed to realize that this was the main trouble with our lives to start with. Doing things the way want and believing things to be the way we want them to be instead of just accepting life, truth, and God, as they are. We spend many years of wasted time figuring out who God is instead of just accepting who God already is. God existed long before you and you cannot reinvent God. Those who have become poor in spirit have made a decision to let the God who art in heaven, become their God. Moreover, there is only one and only one truth of God. There are never are two truths to anything; one has to be a lie. We may try many other avenues first but eventually after exhausting all ideas, we then find the true God and True Power. We then take up the word of God, (the Bible), and begin to develop a relationship with God by learning the truth and tossing out all our humanistic ideas.

Through the sufferings of life, some become willing to believe in and have faith in an unseen God. We loose all pride or confidence in self and come to develop confidence in God. We have become as little children dependant on our faith in an unseen God. We come to realize that views of life are false and are in need of change. God becomes our Bread of Life.

When you become poor in spirit, you become willing to put God and others first. You start to think of how you can be of help to God and others and not think so much about self. Your motives for all you do starts to evolve out of love for God and others and not selfish reasons. You use your spiritual gifts and talents for the glory of God and helping others. You are willing to put away your old thoughts and beliefs and accept a Godly way of thinking and living. A complete change of heart has come about in you and you are ready to accept an unseen God as your Lord and let Him direct your life. You become willing to give up all your treasures, not just in material wealth, but your time, confidence in self, spiritual pride, beliefs, desires, family, ambitions, worldly and selfish ideas, fame, regard for what others think, material things, establishments, and organizations. You are willing to put your trust in God and not humanistic ideas and wisdoms.

 “My only hope is you God! Lead and I will follow. I will do anything you say Lord God! I know there has to be a better way to exist in life and I need your love God. I need love in my heart instead of this hate and pain that I have. Amen”


Blessed Are They That Morn, For They Shall Be Comforted

It is Gods will for us to be happy, joyous, and successful. Jesus said; “I am come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” However, many will not bother to learn the Truth until driven to do so by much suffering. Many will suffer greatly before they become teachable. Sorrow and pain can be a very good thing in someone’s life, although it may not seem like it at the time. Pain and misery can be your greatest treasure that diverts you from certain destruction. The truth of God comes to everyone in time and we will accept Gods way of living or live in sorrow and failure for eternity. If we understand and accept the Truth of God, this will set us free from all limitations, sin, sickness, and death. We then have true freedom.

God never coerces anyone to come to Him. It is our choice to accept the Truth of Him or not. However, most people will not seek out God unless driven to do so by adversity, pain, and fear. It is a shame that many never learn from their grief and suffering. Many keep on living and thinking the same old way and suffer much until they die. This is true insanity!

Some people have to learn many lessons in life before they can see or hear what’s Godly and right. Can’t see until you can see and can’t hear until you can hear. Extreme sorrow either brings you eventually to God or turns you into an evil and hateful individual bent on traveling that highway to hell. There would be no need for our many troubles, if we would first seek the Kingdom of God. If we would first seek Gods wisdom and obey Him, this life and eternal life would be glorious.

We must realize that if we seek God and Truth we will find the right understanding of life. Through morning, we find blessing in disguise. We find that Jesus is the only way to God the Father and Gods way is the only way. We find comfort; we experience the Presence of God. So, is it better to live with God forever than to live without Him for eternity? It is your choice to go through life morning your losses or to see your gains through Christ! 

Blessed Are the Meek, For They Shall Inherit the Earth

To start with, being meek does not mean that you are weak. Most think in terms of meek as being weak but it means to be weak to God. If you have become meek, you understand without a doubt that without God you are nothing and without God you cannot accomplish anything of any good. A meek person is open-minded and has complete faith in God and His Power and that Gods wishes for us are the best for us. You are perfectly willing to let God work through you without regard for self. A known saying is, “To be as meek as Moses.” Moses had great faith in God, and faith is the only thing that ever impressed God. Moses had faith strong enough to believe that through prayer, he could accomplish anything through God. Moses was one of the meekest men who ever lived and he certainly was no weak coward!

If you are truly meek, you will have dominion over the outside world. This is the Secret of Dominion – the secret of overcoming every kind of difficulty. This Beatitude is the message of Jesus Christ in a single sentence. From the within to the without God manifest Himself through us. Being meek is obeying God without hesitation. We are in tune with the Holy Spirit. As the Lord’s Prayer says, “In Earth as in Heaven,” Through meekness you gain control of your outside world. Through meekness, you inherit the Earth.

When we let God change us through prayer mentally, we start to have dominion over our kingdom. We are the kings of our world or kingdom, but the power comes from God. When we straighten out mentally we will straighten out physically and our surrounding world will fall in line. If we have peace and serenity on the inside, we will have peace and serenity on the outside. We will have harmony and success.

Meekness is a mental attitude, which is the secret of prosperity or success in prayer. It is a combination of open-mindedness, faith in God, and the acknowledgment that Gods will for us is that our lives are to be joyous, exciting, and most important. This state of mind is a complete willingness to allow the will of God to come about in whatever way God deems to be best. If we desire to inherit the earth, we must acquire meekness. Meekness compels God Himself!

Blessed Are They Which Do Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness, For They Will Be Filled

Righteousness is not merely doing right but having right thinking in every aspect of your life. Whatever we think on the inside will always manifest itself in some sort of action eventually. We cannot hide our true feelings forever. To think immoral thoughts while pretending to have righteous thoughts will not suffice. Eventually your real thoughts will manifest themselves into the outside world. You cannot think one thing and do another. What is going on in the secret place, (your heart or sub-conscious), will always come out eventually and it cannot be helped. You are on the outside what you are on the inside and from the within to the without life will manifest itself. We make or ruin our lives by the way we think.

Trying to change our outside world without changing on the inside does not work. You need to have a psychic change or in other words a mental change in your over all thinking and attitude. If you want to have peace, harmony, and a fruitful life in the outside world, you need to be at peace with God. Your thoughts need to be pure and you need to be thinking of what you can do for others with love for your fellow man in your heart. Good will towards man and if we thirst after righteousness, we thirst for the wisdom of God, His presence, and His love.

It is not such an easy thing to do. To change the way you think, not only consciously but also sub-consciously. Some people get disheartened and give up or fall into self-condemnation. This crucial mistake causes only more trouble. Do not dwell on your mistakes or the slowness of your progress. When we get in trouble, we claim the Presence of God with us, Devine Wisdom and Power in prayer. Take a moral inventory of self to see if you have any anger, selfishness, prejudices, jealousy, spiritual pride, or any negative thinking that is blocking your spiritual growth. Remorse is also a form of spiritual pride and is treason to the love and forgiveness of God.

Claim in prayer constantly that God is helping you and healing you. Claim in the name of Jesus that no temptation, evil desire, or lust has any power over you. As long as you have faith in God and are serious about getting your will or mental attitude in line with Gods, it will happen. Maybe not as fast as you like, but it will. As long as you hunger and thirst after Gods will and seek it diligently, you will succeed. “Blessed are them who thirst and hunger for the right thinking of God and for their thinking to be the same, for this will happen.”

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