There are many other reasons that prove that the Muslim religion is not of God. I also believe, to believe as a Muslim believes, then you cannot have a relationship with God. God also does not force anyone to come to him. God wants you to love Him freely, for what does worship & love mean if it is not willingly given. We are to have a loving relationship with God. We were not created to be robots. You cannot pray the same prayers day in & out at the same time and have a relationship with God. We walk in prayer. We must be able to pray and talk to God at any time and at any place. The only holy ground is in your heart where Jesus lives. You cannot be mechanical in talking to God. You have to be able to talk to God as your friend and a Muslim as they believe can not do this. Niether do they understand that we are all creations of God & only God has the right to do with us as he wishes. We are to love all people & treat them as we would like to be treated. Love others as we love ourselves and if you do not love yourself you cannot love others. Love covers many sins. For without love anything that we do is of no good. If it is out of hate or selfishness, it is of no good. That we are sinners, every single one of us & only through believing in Jesus & that He died for us so we could be forgiven for our sins will you get to heaven to spend eternity with Him. You cannot get to Heaven by doing anything & you will not go to hell by doing any thing, but excepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord  Savoir is your Hope. Faith in Jesus is the only way. We are saved by faith not in what we do.